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Bicycle Tips: Avoid Theft!

Here are some general bicycle tips that will help you to prevent bike theft, whether the bike is yours or a rented one. Trust me, it’s not very nice to discover early in the morning right before going to explore the city or after a pleasant dinner with your friends that your bike has been stolen…

Bicycles are very popular in Seville, especially since the City Council has considerably increased the bike path network length every year and the city has one of the largest one in Europe.

That’s why cycling in Seville is extremely easy. There are bike lanes everywhere and every street is flat. It’s not like Madrid where you go from hill to hill, or like Barcelona where you have to cycle on the sidewalk.

Of course you can go everywhere you like when you rent a bike in Seville, but to give you a sneak preview of how beautiful the city is, here are some ideas of the places you can explore.

Are you considering renting a bike in Seville? Here is a complete guide to rent yours in a breeze.

Unfortunately, the number of thefts has grown dramatically. In order to prevent a bad surprise, you should pay attention when (and where) you park.


Bicycle Tips: Pay Attention When And Where You Park

  • Always lock your bike, at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are in a hurry: lock it.
  • Lock it to a fixed and sturdy metal object (a bike rack or a street sign for example). Be careful not to lock it to items that can be easily broken, removed or cut. The only thing standing between your ride and getting stolen is the thief’s ability to lift the bike over this object.
  • Don’t lock it to anything posted illegal.
  • Lock it in a visible and well-lit area, especially if you plan to leave it there overnight.
  • Whenever you can, lock it in a location where there are other bikes. Another bike might have a less secure lock than yours. Obviously, the thief always looks for the easiest target
  • Don’t lock it always in the same location. A thief may notice your pattern and target your bike.


Bicycle Tips: Lock It Properly

  • It may sound ridiculous but don’t lock the bike to itself (don’t place the lock through the wheel and frame only). Lock it to something!
  • Ditch the cable lock and invest in a good U-lock.
  • If you use a U-lock try to tight it as much as you can. In other words, don’t leave any free space between the lock, the bike and the fixed object.
  • Give the thief a hard time: use 2 locks (if possible, 2 U-locks).
  • Never lock your bike using only the front wheel and the fixed object. You risk finding one wheel only when you come back.
  • Try to position the keyway facing down towards the ground.
  • Always check your lock before leaving your bike.
  • Always secure your accessories with a secondary lock.
  • Finally, write down the serial number of your bike. It is the only code that will help to identify your bicycle.


What To Do If Your Bike Is Stolen

If your bicycle has been stolen you should report the theft to the police immediately.

But my advice is that you should do one of the following:

  • You can either go to a Policía Nacional (National Police), Policía Municipal (Local Police) or Guardia Civil (Military Police) station.
  • Visit the Policía Nacional website. Then, read the instructions carefully and fill the report. Finally, you need to go to the station within the next 72 hours to sign and pick up the police report.
  • Call 902-102-112 if you speak Spanish, or you can ask someone to call for you (e.g. a member of your hotel staff).


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