Amazing activities in Seville

activities in seville

The number of exciting activities in Seville is endless. If you get your timing right, you can visit some of the most popular churches and monuments in Seville, while experiencing the city in a very original way.

I’ve come up with a list of experiences that doesn’t include typical tourist attractions. These timeless things to do in Seville, are the must dos from years of experience. I’ve tried them all myself, that’s why I recommend them…

Get off the beaten track and see more of the best parts of Seville that tourists often miss. Don’t be one of them, become an independent traveler and explore the city!

You should book your activities in Seville before you leave home, since some of them fill up quickly. The tours recommended here all have easy online booking.

Electric bike tour: see Seville with little effort

What’s an electric bike? The bike has an electric engine that starts working as soon as you pedal. Pedal twice and the bike will do everything for you – ride around Seville avoiding getting out of breath!

Elecmove is the only provider of electric bike tours in Seville. The idea is that you follow a certain route with a friendly and knowledgeable guide. You pedal for a while until you reach an important site or monument where you stop to get some information and entertaining explanations.

So booking an electric bike tour helps you maximizing your time while discovering the best of Seville.

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Horse drawn carriage tour around Seville

The horse drawn carriage tour is a very popular attraction in Seville. It’s a great experience to get an overview and orientation of the city, especially if you are short of time. Currently, a regular horse drawn carriage fits up to six people although you’ll be pretty squeezed. It’s great for four people and the ideal would be just two.

Fares are fixed, official and non negotiable. So there is absolutely no risk of getting scammed. Just hire a carriage, relax and admire this beautiful city!

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Explore the city with a hop-on hop-off bus

With great views from the top of the bus, strategically placed stops and interesting commentary, this hop-on hop-off bus tour is a fantastic way to see the sights of Seville. Why? Because you can hop-on and off as many times as you like aboard the open-top double-decker bus!

There are 14 stops and the entire route takes approximately 80 minutes, and you only need to wait for 30 minutes at every stop for a bus to come. Your tickets are valid for 24 or 48 hours from the first time you use it. In addition to this, several guided walking tours are included so you can visit certain areas in detail.

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Embark on a Guadalquivir river boat cruise

Experience the beauty of Seville as seen from the only navigable river in Spain, the Guadalquivir. Get a complete perspective of both riversides, confronting the old part of town with the most modern one.

Book the evening cruise, especially in winter, and offer yourself one of the most amazing sunsets you can dream of. The light after the sun sets is one you will never forget.

Alternatively, you can take the whole family together and hop on a ship for an amusing morning or afternoon ride. The Guadalquivir cruise is perfect if you plan a romantic and peaceful ride and for the whole family participating in the city’s discovery.

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Indulge yourself with a relaxing Arab baths experience

A hammam is a place entirely dedicated to relaxation and well being, where you escape to pamper yourself.

The Aire de Sevilla Arab baths offer some of the most luxurious facilities in Andalucia to enjoy this long lost custom. Ultimately, the objective is to run away from the noise and stress outside and chill out while having a nice time in a silent and half-light space.

Rest your muscles with a dip in the hot thermal bath, and stimulate your senses with a splash in the cold pool before decompressing either in the warm pool or in the salt bath located underground.

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Explore Seville’s countryside on a hot air balloon

In search of a unique approach to sightseeing? Fly over the wide open tranquil countryside and the small local villages while travelling through the sky in a relaxed and peaceful manner. This fantastic activity is available to any one with a sense of adventure and an interest in the magnificent landscape that Seville has to offer.

Take pleasure from the serene spectacle of the beautiful Andalusian countryside waking gently at sunrise. The wrap-around view of the earth and sky is one which can be experienced no other way.

Enjoy the thrill of hot air ballooning over Seville at sunrise with Andalucia’s most experienced hot air balloon ride team. There is no such thing as an ‘average’ balloon flight; each one is a truly unique experience!

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