Discover The Best Seville Tapas With ’30 Extraordinary Tapas Bars’


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A very important element of travelling abroad is experiencing its food. However, eating well while travelling is hard.

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This is particularly true if you don’t know the city you are in, you have no idea what the local gastronomy offers and you ignore the best places to eat.

Of course, that’s what guide books are there for. There will always be a useful section with recommendations of restaurants, bars and cafés. Unfortunately, the information can be outdated and some places may have closed or managers may have changed.

You could also improvise and risk entering any place for no particular reason.


How easy it would be to end up at a tourist restaurant? Odds are, it will happen often than you would have liked.


This is why I’ve come up with a complete tapas bar guide that will help you

  • Learn everything you need to know about tapas
  • Select the tapas bar that suits you most
  • Eat in a place close to where you are
  • Accomplish a successful gastronomic experience
  • Stop worring about ending in a tourist trap


“Now that I’ve seen your guidebook I’d like to hop on the next Ryanair flight to Sevilla — a tapear!” — Daniel Schechter, Lonely Planet guide book author and professional translator


And since it’s a downloadable eBook, you can have it instantly. No delivery fees and no shipping waits!

So if you are thinking about planning your trip to Spain in advance and would like to try the best tapas in town, this guide is right for you!



“First class, up to date, information that proved very useful during our first time visit to this outstanding city” — Robert Cave

“This Tapas guide gives a great insight into the rich culinary culture of Seville and Andalucía. Your in depth knowledge of each of these bars is perfect for a anyone wishing to experience the tapas culture in a great city like Seville. Having experienced a great number of these bars, I have to say it was a gastronomic delight and I urge people visiting Seville to visit these places and experience the true Andalucian way of life.” — Trevor Davison


Did You Know That Seville Has More Than 2,000 Tapas Bars?

Yes, you’ve read it right, more than 2,000. So there are literally hundreds of possibilities to choose from.

This is the good news. The bad ones is that with such a huge offer it’s easy to make a mistake.

As you can imagine, Seville has fabulous restaurants and tapas bars where the food is absolutely sublime. But this top-notch places are a small minority. The rest are either average, or in some cases terrible.

On top of it, these places charge a fortune for a low quality food based on awful ingredients, with no effort in the dish presentation, and, most of the time, a poor service. It makes myself want to cry every time I walk across the Barrio de Santa Cruz and notice a group of foreigners having some disgusting paella for lunch while drinking a sangria. I would like to shout out loud: “Can’t you see it? You’ve entered a tourist trap!”

You are enjoying a long desired holiday that you don’t want to spoil because of a random choice. You have been visiting a bunch of amazing sights and discovering enchanting corners. You are tired and you are hungry.

Do you really need to worry about where and what to eat?

seville tapas ebook

“We love tapas and going through your book brought back good memories from a trip to Andalusia many years ago. I’ll be sure to refer people to your site & book when we get asked for advice. Local advice is always best.” — Audrey Scott, full-time traveler and editor of Uncornered Market

I did print out the Tapas guide when I went to Seville, and I can say in all honesty that I agreed with your assessment of the bars that I tried. I actually only tried about 6 of them, but the guide was well worth it as it was fun to track the places down and try them. I shall be returning to Seville, and will definitely take the guide with me again.” — Pete Turnock


The Truth Is You Don’t Need To Worry About Where And What To Eat

As well as the rest of your trip, it only needs to be prepared in advance. Using the best available tools will help you save time, money and enjoy an unforgetable stay in Seville.

If you feel you don’t have a clue where to start from, look for a guide that is tailor-made for you. 30 Extraordinary Tapas Bars is packed with all-new practical advice. It has been written after years exploring the city and hunting for unique less-known bars only locals go to.

Here’s a glimpse of what you get with this guide:

  • A detailed explanation of what a tapa is, how to order it, how big plates are and when is the best time to go to a bar.
  • A complete description of 30 extraordinary tapas bars in Seville with lots of practical information, and the reasons you should go there and nowhere else.
  • 60+ images to give you an idea of the bar’s atmosphere and the food served there.
  • And a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee!


That’s right. You have 60 days to get a full refund.

If for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with the eBook or it simply didn’t meet your expectations, just say so and I’ll immediately refund you 100%. No questions will be asked, no exhausting procedures. You will get ALL your money back.


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“Loved the e-book. Was visiting my daughter who was studying abroad in Sevilla and went to 7 of the bars in the book. My daughter managed to hit all 30. It was a lot of fun. Bar hopping plans that lay out a way to hit 3 or 4 bars in one night would be welcome. — Tony Noce


Happy travels!