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A travel starts long before you close your home’s door and head to the airport. In fact, it begins the very first moment you decide you want to go somewhere. From there, you enter the planning phase.

Planning a trip is a long, time-consuming and uncertain process.

  • It’s long. You need to think about the itinerary, the sights you want to visit, how to get from one place to another and where you would like to eat. And that’s only part of what you have to decide.
  • It’s time-consuming. With all the information available nowadays, finding what you are looking for can be exhausting and overwhelming. You can visit official sites, personal blogs, social media sites… The research for recommendations can be endless.
  • It’s uncertain. The information excess will make difficult who to trust. How will you know if it’s better to visit the Casa de Pilatos or the Archivo de Indias if you are short of time?

What if you missed one of Seville most beautiful churches because you never managed to read about it? Or you found yourself in a restaurant full of tourists eating a lame paella, only to discover a few blocks away a recently inaugurated bar where locals are enjoying delicious tapas. Even worse, the taxi from the airport cost you a fortune when there is a bus to the city center that costs 10% of the price you paid.

In other words, your holidays are meant to be exciting and not full of disappointment. You are planning a trip because you want to make the most out of the places you are about to discover.

You travel because it makes you happy and relaxed.

And your stay in Seville is going to be perfect. Yes, perfect.


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What’s So Special About “Seville For The First Time”?

Stop worrying about writing all the ideas, questions and pieces of information that you think are useful in a notebook. No need to spend hours and days in front of the computer, navigating from one website to another looking for a needle in a haystack. Forget about the same circuits and suggestions designed for mass tourists.

If you have questions like…

  • What’s the best way to discover Seville?
  • Is it worth climbing to the top of the Giralda Tower?
  • Where can I taste the best tapas?
  • How can I save money if I’m travelling on a tight budget?
  • Where can I find the bustling Sevillian nightlife?

… Then, this guide is for you.


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All in all, the guide is for independent travellers who enjoy discovering the world on their own. It is written for those looking for off-beaten tracks, for those escaping the rat race.

It’s time to help you planning a trip.


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