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Seville Museums: A Complete Guide

Seville Museums: A Complete Guide

Seville museums cover a wide range of subjects, from paintings to archeological pieces and even our most famous art, flamenco.

Unfortunately, sometimes visitors underestimate the city’s museums either because nobody told them about or because they are short of time. You should take a closer look to some of them and allow some time in your schedule to visit them if it is possible.

Each section comes with handy practical information and insider advice. Use these tips to plan your visit to any of these fascinating museums. […]

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Seville Hotels

Choosing yours among many Seville hotels is, along with the purchase of plane tickets, the most critical decision of your trip. You should search thoroughly to pick the lodging options that best suit your needs – and your wallet!


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Guide To Sightseeing In Sevilla, Spain

Often Forgotten Sights Of Sevilla

Spain is a country full of surprises and Sevilla is not an exception. It is the mecca of bullfights, has astonishing churches and so many amazing palaces that you may even feel overwhelmed.

But that is just an impression.


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Guide To Seville Attractions

The list of Seville attractions can seem daunting on your first visit, regardless of how many days you plan to spend in the city.

There are fabulous sights to see in every corner of Seville. The broad range of architectural history provides a sumptuous backdrop to city life. Here you can admire medieval mansions, royal palaces, magnificent churches, and sober red brickwork civil complexes.

Not to mention that few cities preserve their traditions intact to the extent that Seville does. Among them are the […]

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First Time In Seville?

When you close your eyes and think of Spain, you’re probably picturing Seville: picturesque orange tree-lined streets, delicious jamón ibérico, enchanting Moorish palaces, and a flamenco bailaora in a swirling red dress. The fact is, Seville is the most rewarding city in Spain and a place you should visit at least once in your life.

Here’s all you need to know for your first time in Seville.


Why Seville? What Is So Special About Seville?

Seville is Spain in a nutshell. It’s the cultural and historical […]

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Essential Guide To Flamenco: Dancing, Singing And Playing

Flamenco dancing is, still today, the most famous Spanish dance. It’s usually very passionate, loud and sensual. From generation to generation, the legacy of flamenco dancing is gotten across, whether it is to conserve it or for it to evolve. But apart from dancing, flamenco is also known for other expression forms: singing and guitar playing.

Andalucía, the southern part of Spain which is flamenco‘s home, has a strong musical tradition documented from ancient times and flamenco certainly takes part into that heritage. Throughout the […]

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Bullfighting In Spain

Bullfighting in Spain is a traditional spectacle that became popular in the 18th century. It’s probably one of the most ancient mass entertainments of the world. Actually, bullfights are considered one of the symbols of the Hispanic culture and an art expression.

Bullfighting is considered an art-form and high culture for its aesthetic and traditions. Moreover, it’s a metaphor of a fight between mankind (represented by the torero) and the Death, whose symbol is a bull. As such, it’s a spectacle full of emotions: people […]

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Are You A Spanish Soccer Lover?

Do you love Spanish soccer? La Liga is one of the strongest football leagues in Europe, and it has been entertaining the football lovers since the late 1920s. In fact, the football fever is in full swing among fans, the best players are back in action.


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Amazing Activities In Seville

The number of exciting activities in Seville is endless. If you get your timing right, you can visit some of the most popular museums and monuments in Seville, while experiencing the city in a very original way.

I’ve come up with a list of experiences that doesn’t include typical tourist attractions. These timeless things to do in Seville, are the must dos from years of experience. I’ve tried them all myself, that’s why I recommend them…

Get off the beaten track and see more of the […]

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