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International Driver’s Licence

You should definitely get an international driver’s license if you intend to drive during a road trip around Spain. Under Spanish law, visitors on a 90-day limit stay or having a Schengen Tourist Visa may drive a vehicle in Spain if they hold a valid home country driving license and a valid international driving permit. On top of it, it is seen as proof to the police and the rental company that you have passed a test in […]

Bike On Rent: Explore Seville Hiring A Bicycle

Go to a bike on rent shop as soon as you get to Seville. It’s one of the best ways to discover the city.

Seville has one of the largest and oldest city centers in Europe. In other words, roads are almost never straight, most of them are one-way streets and to find one’s way is not particularly easy. As you can imagine, I don’t recommend you to drive inside the historical center (the rest of the city is fine, like any other […]

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