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Bike On Rent: Explore Seville Hiring A Bicycle

Go to a bike on rent shop as soon as you get to Seville. It’s one of the best ways to discover the city.

Seville has one of the largest and oldest city centers in Europe. In other words, roads are almost never straight, most of them are one-way streets and to find one’s way is not particularly easy. As you can imagine, I don’t recommend you to drive inside the historical center (the rest of the city is fine, like any other […]

Travel From Seville By Bus: Spain Destinations

You can go almost everywhere by bus. Spain has a very large network that is very well organized. There is a multitude of companies, all of them offering a trip to almost everywhere you can imagine (except the Balearic and Canary islands, of course). It is also a great option if you are travelling on a low budget although you should expect to spend quite a few hours on the road (depending of your destination of course).


Bus Travel: Spain On The Road

Have you thought about bus travel? Spain offers a wide variety of bus services that will help you move around easily. It’s the best choice if you are travelling on a low budget.

In general buses in Spain are modern, comfortable and relatively fast (depending on traffic, of course). You can use them to get around the city, especially in those cities that don’t have a subway and in order to avoid taxis (with very expensive fares). It is also a great way […]

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