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Seville Museums: A Complete Guide

Seville Museums: A Complete Guide

Seville museums cover a wide range of subjects, from paintings to archeological pieces and even our most famous art, flamenco.

Unfortunately, sometimes visitors underestimate the city’s museums either because nobody told them about or because they are short of time. You should take a closer look to some of them and allow some time in your schedule to visit them if it is possible.

Each section comes with handy practical information and insider advice. Use these tips to plan your visit to any of these fascinating museums. […]

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Guide To Sightseeing In Sevilla, Spain

Often Forgotten Sights Of Sevilla

Spain is a country full of surprises and Sevilla is not an exception. It is the mecca of bullfights, has astonishing churches and so many amazing palaces that you may even feel overwhelmed.

But that is just an impression.


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Guide To Seville Attractions

The list of Seville attractions can seem daunting on your first visit, regardless of how many days you plan to spend in the city.

There are fabulous sights to see in every corner of Seville. The broad range of architectural history provides a sumptuous backdrop to city life. Here you can admire medieval mansions, royal palaces, magnificent churches, and sober red brickwork civil complexes.

Not to mention that few cities preserve their traditions intact to the extent that Seville does. Among them are the […]

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Sights In Seville, Spain

There is an amazing list of sights in Seville, Spain’s most beautiful city according to most. It has an incredible appeal to both foreigners and Spaniards because of its light, the way Sevillanos enjoy themselves and its gorgeous architecture. Seville is one of the most romantic cities in Europe with a mixture of Roman reminiscences and Moorish traditions. So, without a doubt, you’ll be pretty soon delighted by its charm and passion.


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Seville Museums: CAAC (Andalusian Contemporary Art Centre)

Among Seville museums, CAAC (Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo) stands out for being the city’s museum of modern art. Located in a 15th century monastery that was then transformed into a porcelain factory in the 19th century, the CAAC has a wonderful setting where old classic architecture blends with modern masterpieces. The CAAC offers both modern Spanish and international art from a permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions.

The Contemporary Art Centre has a permanent collection focused in particular on the history […]

Seville Museums: Museo Del Baile Flamenco (Flamenco Dance Museum)

This Seville museum about flamenco was created thanks to the initiative of the famous dancer Cristina Hoyos and it opened its doors in 2006. Its aim is to inform you about everything related to flamenco, its origins, influences and styles and about how it is practiced today. Therefore, the premises are different rooms with many interactive displays that tell you about the history, culture, and styles of flamenco, along with exhibits highlighting the fashion.


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