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Spanish Weather: Plan And Pack Smartly

The Spanish weather is one of the main reasons the country receives so many visitors per year (50+ million). Northern Europeans travel to Spain looking for amazing beaches with supposedly guaranteed sun all day, every day. This is true in some regions but, as you can imagine Spain’s weather isn’t as simple as that.


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Spain Visa: How And Where To Get Your Visa For Spain

If you plan to travel to Spain, visa procedures will depend on your nationality. Not everybody needs a visa to enter Spain and special conditions apply to most European countries, especially to member countries of the European Union.

In fact, you don’t need a visa for travel from the USA or Canada to Spain.

However, if you have to apply for a visa you’ll need to comply with certain requirements from the Spanish government.

The type of visa you’ll need will depend on the country […]

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Spain Facts: A Complete FAQ About Facts On Spain

The Spain facts page gives you a first glance of the country. Read some practical information that will help you to get an idea of what you’ll find over here.

Other sections will also give you some useful tips on the things you’ll need to pack, how to manage your travel funds while being abroad and what to expect in terms of weather among others. This is a comprehensive list that will help you prepare your trip.


Key Spain Facts

Would you like to know the most […]

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Spanish Climate And Weather

The Spanish climate varies throughout the different regions of the country. In the north (particularly the coast) temperatures are mild almost all year round, with some cold winters and the landscape can be quite green as it rains very often. On the other hand, in the South (mainly Andalucía) winters tend to be gentle whereas summers can get extremely hot.


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