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The Official 2016 Madrid Bullfight Schedule

Attending a Madrid bullfight must be included into your list of highlights. Have a look at the official bullfighting schedule and don’t miss the chance to spend an exciting evening at the most important and biggest plaza de toros (bullring): Las Ventas. This schedule includes all the corridas that will be held during the season as well as the novilladas.


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How To Buy Bullfight Tickets

If you are interested in buying bullfight tickets (billetes) have a look at the following tips. Purchasing tickets can prove tricky without knowing a little bit about the different type of seats, where to buy them and have an idea of a price range.

With the following suggestions and advice, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get the best tickets.


Bull Fighting In Spain

What Is Bullfighting?

Bull fighting in Spain is a traditional spectacle that became popular in the 18th century. It’s probably one of the most ancient mass entertainments of the world. Over the centuries, modern bullfighting has evolved very little, adopting its current rules from 250-year-old customs.


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