Why Did I Write A Travel Guide on Seville?

¡Hola! My name is Sandra Vallaure and I’m from Spain.

I have been living several years in Seville, a city that many people believe as the most exuberant and beautiful in the country. And you know what? I couldn’t agree more!


My Story

I don’t know if it was a bunch of coincidences or a question of fate but my life is related to travelling, discovering different cultures and learning new languages.

For various reasons I’ve lived in Morocco, Mexico, France, Australia and New Zealand, apart from Spain of course. And after having been to 35+ countries, learnt 5 languages and lived in 8 cities, I can finally call Seville “home”.

Although my biggest passion is traveling, as you can see from the above picture, I also enjoy photography, learning languages and surfing on the net.

As an independent traveler myself, I like to plan in advance my next holidays working on every detail. I have learnt a lot of all these hours spent in front of the computer studying maps, looking for cheap flights and trying to find the best accommodation. In return, I thought about paying back all the travel writers, guidebook editors and nomads who, like me, use to wander around the web sharing experiences.

Shortly after moving to Seville, I started to look for fresh and updated information about the city, especially about corners, sights and activities that only locals would know about. I couldn’t find anything but a bunch of sites with out of date information cut and pasted from the Wikipedia and from old guide books.

Some time ago I realized that I could combine all my hobbies while helping other people, all I had to do was writing an online travel guide.

That’s how Seville Traveller was born.


About Seville Traveller

Seville Traveller was created with several purposes.

1. Provide updated information about Seville and other related destinations that can be useful to help you prepare your trip to Spain.

2. Explore those sights that no one told you about, so that you’ll get to see what others missed.

3. Describe experiences that you can enjoy while in Seville and that will make you feel it like a local.

4. Increase Seville’s exposure, as one of the best travel destinations in Europe.

I created Seville Traveller to help you with the planning of your trip to Seville. I am confident that it will give you a good overview of the city as well as a glimpse of the peculiarities of the south of Spain. I also aim to help you with the issues of and decisions involved in a trip down here.

But most importantly, I really hope that it will answer all your important questions.

While reading Seville Traveller you should be able to decide

  • When you will go
  • For how long you will go
  • How you will get around
  • And, on top of it, what you want to see and do while here

I do hope that my website will help you to experience Seville and the south of Spain the same way I do.


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