Your Travel Guide To Discover Seville, A City To Love

Explore Seville’s Most Fascinating Highlights

A heady mix of haunting sights, awe-inspiring art and vibrant street life, Seville is one of Europe’s most beautiful and inspiring destinations. The result of 2,000 years of ad hoc urban development, Seville’s cityscape is an exhilarating spectacle.

First Time In Seville? Start Here!

Seville is the most rewarding city in Spain and a place all travelers should visit at least once in their lives. It’s a great city, but it can be hard for a first-time visitor to know where to start. Here are my recommendations to plan the trip of a lifetime.

Purchase Your Bullfight Tickets Online

Are you planning to get bullfight tickets during your trip to Spain? While it can be a challenging task, here is all the practical information to buy your tickets easily. Purchase them online and forget about the hassle of having to go to the bullring’s ticket office.

Semana Santa – Tradition and Ritual

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is elaborately celebrated each year in Spain. Did you know that up to a million visitors flock to Seville for the spectacle? Join Sevillanos to fill up the streets while watching dozens of solemn and incredibly beautiful processions.

Feria de Abril – A Colorful Party

Spaniards are known for celebrating everything and anything with great gusto, pomp and ceremony, and none shows that more off than the Feria de Abril. Seville really comes alive in April with its own lavish fair full of parades, horses, parties, drinking, and more parties!

Get Your Sevilla Card Before You Leave Home

Seville is popular… and can be very busy. The Sevilla Card has been designed so you don’t have to carry around cash or wait in line to buy tickets, saving you time and money. Place your order, get your pass, and start enjoying it as soon as you get to Seville.

Reader Opinions

A few days ago I returned back home after 3 awesome weeks in Spain. I’m in love! Thanks for all the useful and accurate information that you provide in your site. It has proved incredibly helpful both while planning the trip and onsite.
Thomas Belford, Atlanta (USA)
Thank you so much for making my first time in Seville so special. Your suggestions and answers to all my questions were sensational. Now I just want to go back.
Debbie Phillips, Toronto (Canada)
My family and I recently finished a trip throughout Spain. After visiting your amazing country, we can definitely say that Sevilla is our favorite city thanks to your useful guide. We will be back!
Yuhong Zhang, London (United Kingdom)

The Best Walking Tours

The best way to see Seville is on foot. But even better is to see it on foot with someone who knows the city inside and out. Learn about the city, its food, its history and its culture.

Enjoy The Best Tapas in Spain

With so many bars and restaurants in Seville, choosing where to eat — and making the best choices — can be a bit confusing. But it’s a good kind of confusing, if you know what I mean…

Private Photowalk (With Me!)

Join me on one of my Seville photo walks. We will wander around some beautiful corners of the city and capture amazing images that will become everlasting memories of a unique trip.

Getting To & Moving Around Seville

Seville can be easily reached from abroad and other Spanish cities. Additionally, it is a relatively compact city, so combining your own two feet with low-cost public transportation is the best way of getting around. And forget about cars because parking in Seville is a nightmare!

Days Out From Seville – Explore More!

There’s a world of magnificent Spanish history, art and culture just beyond the gates of Seville. So many amazing destinations can be reached on a day trip that you should allow some time to explore other areas of Andalucía. There’s a lot to discover.

Take A Flamenco Lesson And Feel The Passion

A morning or afternoon spent at a flamenco class is a memorable experience that enhances your visit to Seville, the city considered the cradle of this passionate dancing style. It’s one of the favorite activities of Seville Traveller readers and no wonder they are so popular.

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Open Top Tour Bus In Seville

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Sevilla Card: Great City Pass To Save Money And Time

The Sevilla Card is a city pass or tourist card. As soon as you start planning your trip to Seville you should get this city pass before you leave home.


Guadalquivir River Boat Cruise In Seville

One of the highlights while visiting Seville is going on a river boat cruise on the waters of the Guadalquivir.

Join one of the cruises and let the friendly crew guide you through several centuries of history on Seville’s most exciting sightseeing tour. From the awe-inspiring Giralda to the ancient Torre del Oro (with its myterious past) and onto the Barrio de Triana, experience the best views the city has to offer while enjoying a relaxing cruise along the River Guadalquivir.